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Nervous patients

Afraid of visiting the dentist? Relax, you are in good hands. Our dentists are friendly, down to earth and non-judgemental. We are trained in treating patients who suffer from dental phobia.

Our dental specialists have created a dental practice that is devoted to treating patients who suffer from dental anxiety and “fear of the dentist”. We understand that a visit to the dentist is often seen as intimidating and that such dental anxiety is actually very common.

We treat patients who suffer from Dental Phobia each day. We’ve identified some common characteristics and developed unique methods to address each of them:

Patients who suffer from dental phobia:

  • Actively avoid scheduling a dental visit due to a generalized fear of the dentist
  • Have teeth that are particularly sensitive to pain
  • Are fearful of injections and needles
  • Dislike the accompanying noises and smells involved in a dental visit
  • Want to feel at ease in a dental chair
  • Have a busy schedule and want to undergo multiple dental procedures in a single sitting

We take great pride in offering sedation dentistry as the solution to your fears. Every day we use controlled IV sedation to ease patients into a state of complete relaxation. The office was specially designed to provide our patients you with a calm, serene environment, in which we perform all necessary dental work without any memory of the procedures, smells or sounds! You will wake up with no pain as if only a few minutes have passed.

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