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Please find out more about our prices and plans below. 

Many patients simply try to compare prices from one surgery to another even though they are not comparing the same item.  The cost would depend on many factors such as:

  • The time spent to achieve the desired result depending on the complexity,
  • The skill and training of the dentist
  • The materials used, as well as the quality of the technician’s work
  • The final result is what you see but this usually requires hours of collaborative work. This will likely include a temporary phase and you have to factor in the maintenance of what has been achieved.

We understand our patients place a high value on their oral health needs and our services are appropriately priced to achieve the desired outcome.

Our initial consultation fees range between £150 and £350.

Due to the complexity of treatment, it is important we take appropriate records but we encourage our patients to send us any radiographs, photos, models they may have before the appointment.

Estimates for any additional services and treatment plans are provided at or following the initial appointment.


Fees From:

Periodontics & Implants£350.00
Periodontal Consultation£175.00
Orthodontics (Adults)£150.00
Orthodontics (Child)£130.00
Consultation (Endo)£130.00

Oral Surgery

Extraction (soft Tissue)£330.00
Extraction (Surgical)£550.00
Socket Preservation (bone regeneration)From £375.00 - £950.00
Sedation (Per Hour)£350.00

Specialists Endodontic Treatment

Incisor/Canine (Incl X-Ray)£800.00
Premolar (Incl X-Ray)£850.00
Molar (Inc Xray)£900.00
Endodontic Re-Treatment
Retreatment incisor/Canine£875.00
Retreatment Premolar£925.00
Retreatment Molar£975.00
Specialist Endodontic Surgery£1,200.00


Emergency Visit£150.00
Bitewing OR Periapical X-Ray£35.00
CT Scan per jaw£160.00

Periodontics & Implantology

Non-surgical therapy (per quadrant)£350.00
Gum surgery£750.00 per tooth
Tooth Whitening (Full Mouth)£750.00
Bone & Gum regenerative surgery£1,500.00 per tooth
Single tooth Implant + Crown£2,975.00
All-on-4 (Full Arch)from £17,000.00
Internal sinus Lift£650.00
Advanced sinus Lift£1,850.00
Perio Plastic Surgery£1,500.00+ per tooth tunnelling technique

Specialist Orthodontics

Fixed braces (child) per arch£3,500.00
Fixed Retainer per Jaw (Arch)£250.00
Fixed braces (Metal) Adult£3,500.00
Fixed braces (Ceramic) Adult£4,500.00
Fixed Braces (Metal) Child£2,550.00
Fixed Braces (Ceramic) Child£3,500.00
Lingual braces (adult)£7,695.00
Retainers (Per Arch)£100.00
Emergency Visit£75.00


Metal Fillings£750.00
White Composite Fillings£300.00
Gingival Veneer£1,000.00
Gold Inlays (Excl Price of Gold)£950.00
Gold Crown (Excl Price of Gold)£1,050.00
Zircona Inlay/Crown£950.00
Alloy Bonded Crown (Excl Crown)£850.00
Simple Acrylic Denture (1-4 Teeth)£650.00
Simple Acrylic Denture (5-8 Teeth)£850.00
Simple Acrylic Denture (9-12 TEETH)£1,000.00
Simple Cobalt Chrome Denture (1-4 Teeth)£1,350.00
Simple Cobalt Chrome Denture (5-8 Teeth)£1,700.00
Simple Cobalt Chrome Denture (9-12 Teeth)£2,000.00
Full Acrylic Denture (Per Arch)£1,400.00
Full Cobalt Chrome Denture (Per Arch)£1,850.00


Direct access consultation£130.00


30 min visit£90.00
45 min visit£120.00
60 min visit£150.00
Air Flow£150.00
Fissure Sealant Child (Per tooth)£65.00
Fissure Sealant, Adult (Per tooth)£75.00
Fluoride Treatment£130.00
Fillings from£150.00 - £350.00